Timothy R. Johnson

Founder, S.O.L.D.™ Process / CEO, Global Renegade

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Would You Rather Be Right? Or Rich?

Tim’s unique approach to business coaching and consulting is responsible for over 100 million in new revenue for his clients. If you are looking for a better system to serve your clients, employees and business goals, then Tim has the right solutions for you.

Business Coaching

Do you need help with your small business? You are not alone. Many entrepreneurs start their own company without realizing that they’re about to enter a world of hard work and challenging decisions.

Real Estate Coaching

The market is changing. These days, the typical real estate investor needs to have a lot more knowledge and skills than they did in the past. If you are up for this challenge we can help you become one of the best investors around!


Timothy Johnson is a specialist in business, operations, and leadership. He has helped grow businesses all over the world. He is also a best selling author and keynote speaker and will light up your next event.

Start Your Journey With Tim

Here is how it works



The first step in solving any problem is to take a good, hard look at it. What are the issues? How bad are they? In this step, we will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of assessing your business problems.


Identifying Bottlenecks

Identifying the bottlenecks in your business is a key component to maximizing profits. In this step, we will discuss how to identify and fix your bottlenecks so that you can scale the business to meet your goals.


Discover Opportunity

It’s time to take your business to the next level and find hidden opportunities. We’ll go over what opportunities are best for your specific business and develop a strategy before taking any action.


Execute The Plan

You have a business plan. You wrote it, you know what your goals are and how to get there. We will maximize your ability to execute it. There’s no point in having a plan if you don’t take steps to see the process through.

What People Say About Tim

Tim has helped 100’s of people all over the world!

"We almost doubled my revenue goals in the first six months of him doing business development for my company. If you can, get him on your team. He’s world-class."
Lee Goff
CEO of Digital Business Architect
"He’s made a profound difference for me, and my company web three direct and I know that he’ll make an equally profound difference in you your for you your life and your company as well. "
Emerson Brantley
CEO, Web3Direct.com
"Thank you so much, Tim, for all you’ve done for my business, for my speaking career, and for supporting me to really get my name out there in the world. I appreciate you."
Jill Lublin
PR Consultant

Meet Tim Johnson

Author, Speaker & Business Leader

Tim's Story

Waking up at 6 years old to a live news report revealing that his father was a serial killer, Tim’s life has been anything but normal. In fact, normal was not even in the realm of possibility. But after a chance encounter with a group of Vietnam veterans, Tim started to see his life very differently and decided he would not be a victim to his past. Since Tim, has created multimillion-dollar businesses in construction, real estate, and as a business author and coach. His work has helped thousands of people all over the world. Watch the video below to learn more about Tim’s story!

Work With Timothy

Experiences for Every Step of Your Journey

Business Coaching Intensive

3 Days Business Boardroom

The 3 Day Business Boardroom is a comprehensive strategy session designed to do the following:

  • Identify Profit Stealing Inefficiencies
  • Develop Winning Strategies to Optimize Profits
  • Re-invigorate Your Systems & Processes
  • Develop Your Roadmap Execution Plan
  • Build Battle Armor For Black Swan Events
  • Unify Your Team towards A Single Desirable Outcome

Real Estate Mastermind


Here are my requirements:

  • Coachable – Being open minded and willing to learn new things is vital. Know-it-alls need not apply.
  • Action Oriented – In life, we are paid for what we do, not what we know. It’s understandable to be fearful when doing something new, but I’m looking for people who can take action in spite of their fears.  Plus, we’ll be with you every step of the way, holding your hand through every new experience.
  • Honesty – There is no room for anyone with anything less than the highest level of integrity.
  • Commitment – Only those who are ready to commit both mentally and financially to achieving success should consider applying.
  • Positive Mental Attitude – If you think you can, you’re right.  Whiners/complainers need not apply.
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