Praise For Timothy R. Johnson

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Hello, my name is Greg Blazer from and also the marketing agency Client Takeover. And I’m doing a review here for my new friend, Timothy R. Johnson, who is an amazing influencer and mover and shaker in his space where when I met him at the Marketers Cruise, mad things change within days of us getting back a man of his word. He said, hey, I’ve got connections. I love your products love what you do. Let’s see if we can make some connections. And the man’s on the phone, give me a call. We’ve been connected and things have already been happening. So definitely Timothy Johnson rocks, he is well connected. He keeps his word does what he says and helps. So definitely this review to shout out to you, Timothy. Awesome. Love it looking forward to this year and many more year’s worths of business and prosperity and good times with you and many more cruises to come. Thank you very much

Hi, my name is Kalpna Suthar, and I’m a business strategist. Now I’ve been having some coaching done by Tim Johnson. Now one of the things that he’s taught me is that you’ve got to know your numbers. He’s broken it down for me in my business, to look at where I’m at my goal for my yearly revenue and where I want to be. And I’ve made it into this huge situation in my own head and what is broken down the numbers. I realized only to six clients a month to get to my goals. How huge is that? And the other thing that I learned is that you need to know who your client is. You need to know what they do, what their hobbies are, you know, things that they watch, they read to really kind of hone in and to find out who your clients are, and you need to get out of your head. Get out of your head because the minute you’re in your own head, there’s no way you’ll be able to serve anybody else. So he taught me that I need to get out of my head in order to help others. Thanks Tim Johnson.

Hey, this is Trevor Howard here with so tell us, I’m here with Tim, I want to talk about Tim Johnson. He’s the king of cheap. But let me tell you something. There is nothing cheap about Tim. He’s the man. In fact, I like to call him the king of clothes because that’s what he does, man he closes. So here’s the thing. If you need more business, if your sales processes are broken, you need to get in touch with Tim, if you need somebody to show up to an event and close everybody for you, then you need to get in touch with Tim. This guy drives more business to my door than I drive my own door. He’s freaking amazing. If you don’t know somebody Tim knows everybody. So this is Trevor Howard was to tell us I’m telling you, you need Tim in your life. Get on it, jump on it. Get a hold of Tim Tim. I love you. You’re the man

Tim With Other Notable People

More Praise For Timothy R. Johnson?

Tim has helped businesses all over the world, here are just few kinds words from them!

Nic S

“I have learned more from him than any three people I’ve ever worked with. And I can honestly say that I count him among my best friends. And the way he connects is truly a marvel. Tim looks at the person, not the product, not the business, but as the person worth working with, and that in and of itself is a blessing, just to know.

Jase S

I brought him in to one of my events, and we’ve been kind of hitting a ceiling with our sales team helped me craft the event helped encourage me when I was getting a little bit in my head, help me go over the flow of the sales, craft some of the sales, and we smashed through that income barrier, did the highest sales than I think I’ve done in probably 10 years.

Ron H

I’ve never seen anybody that’s got a grasp of the sales presentation and has the connections that can help you get with other people to be able to move your product not only in the area where you live, but international and national why’s Tim Johnson is the man and he deserves six stars.

Sheila F

Tim is totally my go-to guy if there’s anything I ever need in the entire event business. If it’s speakers, if it’s sponsors, if it’s advice about something, or you know, closing the deal, mentorship, anything like that Tim is definitely your guy 100% trustworthy and you know what he’s really honest. He tells you as it is. And that’s what you want sometimes. Thank you.

Dustin M

If you’re looking for someone that can radically make an impact in your business in sales and systems and people then I highly recommend that you get on a call you go see Tim speak or whatever it is you can do to get into his world because he will light yourself up in a good way and it will remove that stress that you know that’s there and will help you take your business to the next level.

Dennis K

I’m actually in the seminar industry and I have been in business for over 20 years. And I just went with the global Renegade systems and I just went to a strategy session board meeting with Tim and he just took my business to the next level just in the short time we were together. So if you’re looking to grow your business you need to seek Tim Johnson

Maria M

It’s all really about working smarter, but he also points out things that maybe you didn’t even know that you didn’t know. So I definitely recommend working with Tim Johnson. He asks the right questions, and can definitely help you with either what you need to do different in your business, or who you need to know to make your business run smoother or go easier.

Rachel C

I’ve been working with Tim for about four or five months now, and I only have positive things to say about him. He has absolutely helped to change my life and I owe him so much for everything that he’s done for me. He is definitely the king of connections. So if you’re having any questions about whether to work with him, I would say definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely work with him.


He helps you with the connections that you need. He helps you with all of the different nuances that are going to help everything fall into place the way they should. And I’ll tell you what, if you want to work with the most wonderful strategist, business coach lining things up, sells oh my gosh sells genius. You got to work with Tim Johnson. So Tim, thank you. It’s been a wonderful couple of days spend with spent with you very, very well spent time thanks

Hey everybody, it’s Clint Arthur and I’m making this quick video about the most connected guy. I know his name is Tim Johnson. And you say, Tim, you know this guy. Yep. You know this guy. Yeah. You know that guy. Yeah. You know this guy. Yeah. The guy knows everybody. The guy is literally the king of connections. So if there’s anybody you want to meet, anybody want to do business with anybody you want to set up a JV with talk to Tim Johnson. That’s what I do. That’s why I have him on speed dial one of my top 10 speed dials, because I know if I want to connect with anybody, Tim Johnson is the man who could do it. I’m Clint Arthur. I got nothing but great things to say about Tim Johnson, the king of connections.

I’ve known Tim for several years, we’ve been in mastermind groups together, and in other events together, and I’ve come to really respect him as somebody who understands marketing, but he also, he also is able to convert that on an instantaneous basis, working into the psychographic needs of the people that he’s talking with. And that’s a powerful, powerful talent and skill to have and Tim is worth worked with me. And we’ve refined my presentation was refined the way that I’m interfacing we’ve actually added new offerings in order to meet the needs of more of the types of clients that I’m working with the most. I encourage you, if you have a business and you take on clients and customers talk with Tim, he will improve your ability to close more of the ones you really really want to work with the most. He’s made a profound difference for me and my company web three direct and I know that he’ll make an equally profound difference in you your for you your life and your company as well. Give him a call today.

So I cannot recommend Tim Johnson enough. super powerful that you know, he’s nicknamed the king of connectors, and I look forward to connecting. He’s already connected with me and other opportunities to make more money doing already what I’m assisting in doing. So if you’re looking for more opportunity in your business, you’re looking to grow if you just want to get to that next level, or have somebody check your blind spot for you in business. Then Tim Johnson is your man and highly recommend. Tim, thank you so much brother for pouring into me, and I appreciate you and I’ll be filling up your cup soon. Get my homework done. Thanks brother. Bye

More Praise For Timothy R. Johnson?

Tim has helped businesses all over the world, here are just few kinds words from them!

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