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There are few ways to find success in business, real estate, and personal development. Timothy R Johnson is living proof that it is achievable with the right mix of talent, drive, and timing. even if your childhood was fraught with challenges. Tim created a 200+ door real estate empire and multiple 7 figure businesses this has allowed him to host masterminds, engage in philanthropic contributions, and most importantly helping others reach the next level. Your audience will be moved by Tim’s unique approach and lesson from his past!

What Are People Saying About Tim?

Tim has helped businesses all over the world, here are just few kinds words from them!

Nic S

“I have learned more from him than any three people I’ve ever worked with. And I can honestly say that I count him among my best friends. And the way he connects is truly a marvel. Tim looks at the person, not the product, not the business, but as the person worth working with, and that in and of itself is a blessing, just to know.

Jase S

I brought him in to one of my events, and we’ve been kind of hitting a ceiling with our sales team helped me craft the event helped encourage me when I was getting a little bit in my head, help me go over the flow of the sales, craft some of the sales, and we smashed through that income barrier, did the highest sales than I think I’ve done in probably 10 years.

Ron H

I’ve never seen anybody that’s got a grasp of the sales presentation and has the connections that can help you get with other people to be able to move your product not only in the area where you live, but international and national why’s Tim Johnson is the man and he deserves six stars.

Sheila F

Tim is totally my go-to guy if there’s anything I ever need in the entire event business. If it’s speakers, if it’s sponsors, if it’s advice about something, or you know, closing the deal, mentorship, anything like that Tim is definitely your guy 100% trustworthy and you know what he’s really honest. He tells you as it is. And that’s what you want sometimes. Thank you.

Dustin M

If you’re looking for someone that can radically make an impact in your business in sales and systems and people then I highly recommend that you get on a call you go see Tim speak or whatever it is you can do to get into his world because he will light yourself up in a good way and it will remove that stress that you know that’s there and will help you take your business to the next level.

Dennis K

I’m actually in the seminar industry and I have been in business for over 20 years. And I just went with the global Renegade systems and I just went to a strategy session board meeting with Tim and he just took my business to the next level just in the short time we were together. So if you’re looking to grow your business you need to seek Tim Johnson

Maria M

It’s all really about working smarter, but he also points out things that maybe you didn’t even know that you didn’t know. So I definitely recommend working with Tim Johnson. He asks the right questions, and can definitely help you with either what you need to do different in your business, or who you need to know to make your business run smoother or go easier.

Rachel C

I’ve been working with Tim for about four or five months now, and I only have positive things to say about him. He has absolutely helped to change my life and I owe him so much for everything that he’s done for me. He is definitely the king of connections. So if you’re having any questions about whether to work with him, I would say definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely work with him.


He helps you with the connections that you need. He helps you with all of the different nuances that are going to help everything fall into place the way they should. And I’ll tell you what, if you want to work with the most wonderful strategist, business coach lining things up, sells oh my gosh sells genius. You got to work with Tim Johnson. So Tim, thank you. It’s been a wonderful couple of days spend with spent with you very, very well spent time thanks

About Timothy R Johnson?

Waking up at 6 years old to a live news report revealing that his father was a serial killer, Tim’s life has been anything but normal. In fact, normal was not even in the realm of possibility. But after a chance encounter with a group of Vietnam veterans, Tim started to see his life very differently and decided he would not be a victim to his past. Since Tim, has created multimillion-dollar businesses in construction, real estate, and as a business author and coach. His works have helped thousands of people all over the world. Watch the video to learn more about Tim’s story!!

Other Press for Timothy R. Johnson!

Tiim has been a feature on news channels, magazine covers and even spoke at some of the most prestigious venues nationally and internationally.

Tim's Speaking Topics

In order to “realize” the full potential of any business, you must develop and deeply understand these core fundamentals.

Business Fundamentals

Identifying and establishing the right habits in your business is the foundation for measurable results.

Overcoming Challenges

All business is math, when we identify the right math equation for your business, profits become predictable.

Real Estate Investing

Getting leverage comes from testing, tuning and tweaking in the sales, marketing and delivery processes.

Business Opperations

Once systems are optimized we commit to follow those systems with ruthless commitment.

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Tim Johnson, known among his peers as “The Global Renegade” “Biz Dev Guy” and “The Sales Whisperer” is one of the foremost gurus teaching how to add revenue streams to grow your business. Real-Estate and the Real Economics of Business specialist, Tim has published many best-selling books and trainings on real estate investing, marketing, and business.


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